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Douglas McClure, JD

Executive Vice President, Business Affairs

Douglas B. McClure joined Dark Castle Entertainment in 2016 and is the Executive Vice President, Business Affairs.

Douglas is an experienced transaction lawyer, with a specialization in the entertainment industry. His expertise includes the full range of legal and business affairs services related to the development, financing, production and distribution of entertainment properties.

Prior to Dark Castle, Douglas headed his own transactional law practice and was a partner of Business Affairs, Inc., a leading boutique transactional law firm with a focus on the entertainment industry.

Across his 27-year career, Douglas has worked on over 500 films holding positions such as General Counsel for Alchemy (f/k/a Millennium Entertainment); Senior Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs for Hyde Park Entertainment and Hyde Park International; Senior Vice President for 2929 Entertainment and 2929 International; and General Counsel for First Look Media (f/k/a Overseas Filmgroup).

Douglas was a faculty member at UCLA Extension and also acted as a consultant, providing expertise on industry standards for evaluating international entertainment educational programs.